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Physical Therapy & Science Association

F&W Association for Physical Therapy & Science is an academic network of physical therapists and academics in The Netherlands and abroad. We aim to facilitate scientific physiotherapy research and provide an online platform for digital access to research resources.

Knowledge and research through F&W Case Reports, F&W Expert and F&W News sharing and strengthening of the scientific knowledge on physical therapy.

Philosophy Physical Therapy & Science

Broaden-and-build theory
The method focuses on positive emotions such as joy and interest which encourages  the exploratory nature of the work. Meeting the members and scientists from the network  as well as reading everyone's scientific interests provides inspiration for the development of new partnerships and scientific research.

The network serves as a system to be considered in which the members and the online platform spontaneously lead to new studies, partnerships and projects.

Creative Commons
F&W is non-profit association. The income of F&W is used to fund the online platform and scientific research. The F&W full text sources can be consulted and shared through principles of non commercial creative commons. It should be the attribution of the original author and association to be called.


Fall Related Deaths in the US Rose 31% in 10 Years

Among American residents aged 65 and older, the mortality rate continues to rise steadily. Between 2007 and 2016 with 31% and with a...

Case report

Application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in post-operative knee arthrofibrosis- A Case Report

F&W Case Report 2018; 4: 2
Abstract:  Post traumatic, post- operative knee stiffness is quite challenging condition seen in clinical setup for physiotherapists....

Expert opinion

Physical Activity - worth the effort in insulin resistance?

To date, 2.1 billion people are either overweight (BMI >25 kg/m2) or obese (BMI > 30 kg/m2) [1]. Although being overweight or having...


Translation and validation of HSLC for Locus of Control

The aim of this study is to have a valid questionnaire with a good test-retest reliability, and use it in the follow-up study into the...
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Identification of the information needs concerning the physical symptoms of patients with breast cancer

F&W 2016; 11: 1
Abstract Background: Patients with breast cancer encounter many questions concerning management of their ongoing care after the completion...
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