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Expert opinion

F&W expert opinion gives you editorials that shows the vision of mostly postdoctoral researchers. Here is room for a wide variety of topics that have to do with physiotherapy and science. The subjects can be inspiring for new scientific research. In addition, a critical look itemized regarding the current thinking within the professional field.

Physical Activity - worth the effort in insulin resistance?

Dr. B. Brouwers, biomedisch wetenschapper

The impact of mood disorders on the evaluation and management of fatigue in Parkinson’s

Drs. Roy G. Elbers, universitair docent, klinisch epidemioloog, fysiotherapeut

The physiotherapy practice can not run without a theory framework. The meaning of the consonance and dissonance theory for the cognition of pain

Prof. dr. Rob Oostendorp, revalidatiewetenschapper, fysiotherapeut | Dr. Han Samwel, klinisch psycholoog