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Physicaltherapyscience.com- News - Reduce risks of Cervical Manual Therapy

Reduce risks of Cervical Manual Therapy

Research costs a lot of money. This money is often not available although patients and physiotherapists gain evidence-based effective and safe manipulative treatment and diagnostics. Therefore, an international group of physiotherapists started a crowdfunding campaign to collect money for science. This is the first crowdfunding campaign to improve the safety of cervical manipulative therapy. It would be very grateful if you will contribute to science. Please, fund the payment of 1 physiotherapy treatment for the ‘Go4safe’ study and show your love for safe manipulative therapy. Almost 17 MRA’s have been funded through manual therapists and patients, thank you very much! All donations help us to continue this research project.
Cervical spinal manipulative therapy is an effective treatment for patients with neck pain. However the safety of cervical spinal manipulation is  extensively discussed because of the potential serious adverse events. These events, like cervical arterial dissection can lead to cerebral ischemia and stroke.  Therefore the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) developed a screening framework (IFOPMT-Framework) aimed to reduce the risk of cervical arterial dysfunction following cervical manipulative therapy.
Although the IFOMPT-Framework is reflective of the best available evidence there is currently still lack of information about its methodological properties.
So, The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Master Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences (www.vu.nl/mps) started the Go4Safe study, to investigate the diagnostic accuracy and reliability of the IFOMPT- Framework.  But we need your support!  This funding is needed to cover the material costs of the research. If you are willing to contribute to the safety of cervical manipulative therapy, click on the following link and donate the amount of money for 1 physiotherapy treatment.  Moreover, you have chance to win 2 free tickets for the Manual Therapy Congress in the Netherlands in 2018. Your support in this research will be greatly appreciated!


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