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Physicaltherapyscience.com- News - Preoperative chest physical therapy in abdominal surgery

Preoperative chest physical therapy in abdominal surgery

Research into the effects of preoperative physiotherapy on lung function and physical performance before and after upper abdominal surgery. Randomized study (Non Blind) in 32 patients who had undergone abdominal surgery was performed in hospital in São Paulo Brazil. In Randomization there were no significant differences between control and intervention group. Intervention group received 2-3 weeks before surgery pulmonary physiotherapy consisting of breathing exercises, improve MIP and exercise.

On the seventh day after the operation, in addition to inspiratory strength and respiratory muscle endurance, the intervention group showed better results than the controls in the functional independence measure score (118 versus 95) and 6-minute walk test distance (368.5 m versus 223 m ), all P <0 .05.

Preoperative physiotherapy (prevalidation) improved in this study lung function and exercise capacity in the pre-and postoperative periods in patients with upper abdominal surgery and led to fewer complications compared with controls.

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