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Physicaltherapyscience.com- News - Physical Therapy on the health insurance market in The Netherlands

Physical Therapy on the health insurance market in The Netherlands

Vektis makes it possible to provide clear health care insights and smart processes by deciding on the guaranteed deposit data of all health insurers in the Netherlands. In part, Vektis hereby enables the parties to improve the affordability, quality and accessibility of the care offered in the Netherlands.
As a result of double aging and the growth of the number of chronically ill people, the demand for physical therapy is increasing. In three years time, the number of visits to the physical therapist has risen by 400 thousand over three years, to 3.84 million in 2017. The decreasing number of physical therapists creates fuller agendas. The number dropped by 30,355 in 2014 in the past years to 27,500.
A 2015 news report by Drs. D.M. Keesenberg shows that the healthcare costs in the Healthcare Insurance Act (basic insurance) amount to approximately 35 billion euros annually. In 2012, we see a decrease in costs (2%), which in 2013 rose again by 5% to over 35 billion euros. The medical specialist care of the physiotherapist (1.27%) comes in 2013 to a total of € 448,808,903. In 2017 more than 3.8 million people will use the 27,500 physiotherapists working in the Netherlands. The total costs that year, more than 2 times higher than in 2013, €1.5 billion.
Keesenberg states that the austerity measures of Edith Schippers between 2011 and 2013 led to an increase in the total healthcare costs. These austerity measures also had to create a quality increase. However, this has led to a decrease in freedom of choice and less care in chronic disorders such as rheumatism, rehabilitation after vertebral fracture in osteoporosis, cardiac rehabilitation and rehabilitation in congenital malformations. There is scientific evidence for these forms of physical therapeutic rehabilitation. Absence of physiotherapy, is known, also leads to a cost increase (medical specialist care).

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