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Physicaltherapyscience.com- News - Physical Therapy versus surgery in cervical radiculopathy

Physical Therapy versus surgery in cervical radiculopathy

In a prospective randomized study, 63 patients with cervical radiculopathy and MRI verified nerve root compression investigated. Patients received ACDF (surgery) in combination with physical therapy or physical therapy alone. Measurement points were at 3 -, 6 -, 12 -, and 24-month follow-ups.
There were no significant differences between the two treatments in each of the measurements carried out (P = 0.17-0.91). Both groups showed improvements over time in the neck muscle endurance (P 0.01), dexterity (P 0.03), and right-hand grip strength (P = 0.01).
Surgery (ACDF) followed by physiotherapy has not led to more improvements in active range of motion, neck muscle endurance, or hand-related function in patients with cervical radiculopathy. This research highlights a therapeutic intervention is preferable to surgery and because physical therapy has lower costs, lower risks and equal outcomes in this study.

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