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Patients' perceived needs of healthcare providers for low back pain management

This review, aimed at optimal treatment of low back pain (LBP), gives us insight into the fact that patients actively participate in care,...
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Case report

False negative thoracic x-ray

F&W Case Report 2013; 7: 1
Patient, a man of 58 years old, consult a physiotherapist with complaints of cramp and very severe back pain level T6-T10 and radiating...
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Expert opinion

Physical Activity - worth the effort in insulin resistance?

To date, 2.1 billion people are either overweight (BMI >25 kg/m2) or obese (BMI > 30 kg/m2) [1]. Although being overweight or having...
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Translation and validation of HSLC for Locus of Control


Effect study of Physical Therapy in cervicogene headache: Headache in Control


Effect of Physical Therapy in patients with Morbus Dupuytren


Progressive task-oriented circuit training after stroke