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Physical Therapist the Movement Specialist

According to the WHO (WHO, Physiotherapists 2264), the profession of Physiotherapy is a non-paramedical profession since physiotherapy is...
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Case report

Application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in post-operative knee stiffness- A Case Report

F&W Case Report 2018; 4: 1
Dr. Neha Pelapkar( PT), B.P.Th, M.P.Th (Musculoskeletal Sciences) Abstract: Post traumatic, post- operative knee stiffness is quite...
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Expert opinion

Physical Activity - worth the effort in insulin resistance?

To date, 2.1 billion people are either overweight (BMI >25 kg/m2) or obese (BMI > 30 kg/m2) [1]. Although being overweight or having...
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17 MRA Scans donated with crowdfunding for VU University

To guarantee the safety of manual therapy, we started a crowdfunding campaign in spring this year.  Eighty-six physiotherapists donated an amount of 3.340 EUR. We received donations from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Spain.

With these donations 17 MRAs can be funded for the diagnostic accuracy project. We would like to thank all international colleagues for their contribution to this research project to guarantee the safety of manual therapy.

We recently received a grant from the Dutch Manual Therapy Association (NVMT) and are able to continue our research project. Currently, we are recruiting patients for the Go4Safe project to assess the reliability and diagnostic accuracy of the IFOMPT-framework. Manual therapists are still invited to participate in this study. Thank you all very much for your (financial) support!!

Dr. Wendy Scholten-Peeters, drs. Rogier de Best en Prof.dr. Michel Coppieters, VU researchers